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Donate 'nearly new' items

Donation drop-off Schedule

Tuesday - Friday between 10am - 2pm

Saturday between 10am - 12pm

CLOSED Sunday and Monday


For example:

Aug 29-Sept 2, Sept 26-30, Oct 24-28, Nov 28-Dec 1, Dec 26-30

Click here to view our Helpful Guidelines for Donating Items.

We appreciate all “nearly new”, as opposed to “mostly old” donations. We are an upscale resale shop, and as such, we do not accept soiled, torn, broken or defective items. ​


We can take men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, household items, collectibles, kitchenware, jewelry, art, books, toys and gift items.

Donations can be dropped off in boxes, paper bags or small plastic bags. We do NOT accept large black plastic bags, they are too heavy.

We reserve the right to refuse donations that are not sellable in our shop. Thank you for understanding.

There are some items we cannot accept and these include:


  • Food

  • Ripped, torn or broken items

  • Non-functioning kitchen appliances

  • Appliances without needed power cords

  • Baby furniture or carseats 

  • Sports equipment

  • Magazines 3 months or older

  • VHS - Videotapes

  • Chipped China Dishes

  • Knives or carving sets

  • Tools

  • Large furniture and appliances

  • Extra large artwork

  • Electronics Equipment

  • Cassette tapes

  • Hangers

  • Singleton glassware

  • Healthcare equipment

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation so your donations are tax deductible. Please ask for a receipt when you drop off your donations.

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